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‘Unlock the heart of the mighty oak you can be

Blog post 25th April 2017

As I look around the church I wonder if it is becoming full of ‘Obese Christians’?!

By this I mean Christians who are continually feeding and taking in

but not necessarily expending energy in fulfilling ways.  

They feed on The Word (and rightly so), they feed on going to services, conferences and courses;

they continually take in Scripture, teaching and information about how to live a Christian life.  

But when it comes to living out what they have heard they are unsure or unconfident in

who God has called them to be or what He has called them to do.


So they sign up to several church rotas and get stuck in with many good tasks. 

They are busy and involved… but they are not passionate, energised or fulfilled.

They are going through the motions… but they are not really ‘alive’.


I wonder if Moses was going through the motions whilst he was shepherding sheep in the mountains.  

Yet when God called him to be a shepherd-leader to the Israelites then he became more passionate, energised

and fulfilled; he came to know much more about himself and to grow and stretch in his gifts and strengths.

He also came to know God more and to depend and grow in Him.

He really came alive!


And Peter, was he going through the motions when he was a fisherman catching wiggly slippery fish?

Did he come alive, energised, passionate and fulfilled when Jesus called him and sent him out to fish for people?


When we discover and function in the ‘arena’ of our God-given calling, life purpose, passions and gifts

we come to know much more about who God is, who we are and who He has created us to be.

We come alive - passionate, energised and fulfilled.

We come alive with infectious energy and enthusiasm that spills over to others.


So what about you?

Are you going through the motions… busy but perhaps lifeless or unfulfilled?

Do you know who you are: who God has called you to be and what He has called you to do?

Are you living with such passion, energy and enthusiasm that you feel alive and fulfilled?


You may have the impression that discovering your God-given life purpose, passions and gifts

is a long and difficult process, it’s not!   It’s already in your heart, it just needs unlocking.

I’ve been with someone who thought it would take ages for her to discover her life purpose;

she was surprised when it took less than an hour, the relief and smile on her face said it all!


I love to journey alongside others helping them to unlock and discover more about themselves;

I love it because I see people come alive and they are released:

released to be who God has created them to be,

released to step into His plans and purposes and

released from what has been holding them back.


What is holding you back?

How energised and fulfilled are you?

Are you living out your life purpose with infectious energy and enthusiasm

that is spilling over to others?

Blog post 6th January 2017


I’m passionate about helping others to discover their God-given dreams, passions, life purpose, values and gifts;

I’m passionate about this because when I see people find these they are released

to be who God has created them to be; their confidence and self-esteem soar,

their lives have direction and purpose and they come alive energised and fulfilled.


To have courage and boldness to live out our dreams, passions and life purpose well is a gift –            

a gift from a loving Father God who wants to release us to be our true selves

in our families, communities, places of work and the world.


So, this year I’ve decided to be courageous and bold and to write a blog which will give a flavour      

of my passions, life purpose and work.  These posts will be ‘as and when’.  I have no agenda,           

just a heart to help and encourage others.  If you like what you read and want more please              

get in touch with me and we’ll link up to chat about where you’re at and how I can help you.


So I wonder…..

How did you follow and fulfil your dreams and passions last year?


I followed and fulfilled mine by:

- Becoming more dependent upon my Heavenly Father; looking to God & God alone.

- Journeying well across a ‘threshold’ of change from what had been to what will become.

Throughout last year God ‘brought me out into a spacious place;

He rescued me because He delighted in me’ (Psalm 18:19). 

As I embraced His invitation I became more confident, bold and courageous to

explore, adventure and move around in this spacious place; I came to claim and protect this space

and allowed God to create space for the ‘new things’ (Isaiah 43:19) which He is bringing to life.

- I invested in and treasured a few key relationships which as a result have deepened.

- I completed CTI coach training and moved on to be an independent coach and mentor.

- I created and opened up ‘space for new’ at BH Gardens where I work as a gardener

(another passion of mine!).


So, your turn…..

How did you follow and fulfil your dreams and passions last year?


Then…. Looking ahead to 2017, what dreams and passions do you what to bring to life and live for?

What would you most love to achieve during this year?

Not what do you need to achieve or should or ought or could achieve. No!

Let your heart lead you… let your passions stir and be given space to breathe…

 let your dreams dance to bring new to life.


Your dreams, passions and achievements from last year may influence or impact

what you would most love to achieve for the year ahead, you may wish to build on these;

or your heart may lead you in a completely new direction.


The following questions may be helpful:

What am I longing to create?

What brings me to life?

What dream have I lost or not fulfilled?

What do I want to invest in?


Once you’ve identified what you’d most love to achieve this year ask yourself:

What is the ‘stretch’ which will help me to move towards achieving my dreams and passions?

What is holding me back?

What gift can I give myself to help me move towards fulfilling my dreams and passions?

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