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‘Unlock the heart of the mighty oak you can be’

How 'alive' are you?

How much are you showing up as yourself?

Do you know who you are...  what your passions, dreams or strengths are?

Does your life have purpose, direction, meaning? 


Are you being the parent you want to be?

Are you thriving, or just surviving, family life?

Do you want more from your life...   your family...  your relationships?

I, Alison Green, am passionate about helping people flourish to their best.

I'm passionate about this because when we are flourishing to our best we are 'alive':

we are people who are living from the true authentic depths of our 

passions, strengths, abilities, creativity and resourcefulness,

and we gift these to others and to the world around us.

Flourishing people are more confident, secure people.

Their lives have more purpose, direction, fulfilment, meaning and hope.

They have a greater understanding and clearer sense of who they are and

they are also more able to deal with the unpredictables and uncertainties which crop up in life. 


Flourishing people are better able and equipped to positively influence those around them; 

those in their families, their relationships, their communities or their places of work. 

I offer people space, time, expertise and tools which can help people grow and flourish to their best.

This is offered through four pathways, to find out more about each pathway

please click on the tabs to navigate to the relevant pages.


for an 






for an 






Alison Green

Life Coach & Mentor 

It is a true privilege to be

a trusted companion journeying alongside 

someone as they seek to

find their own unique way in life.

I get to watch people grow and flourish

before my eyes - it's an amazing view!

As a Coach I trained with the 

Coach Training Institute.


As well as coaching and mentoring individuals

I also run coaching workshops and days

to find out more about these click here

to navigate to Acorn Hearts website:

Licensed Facilitator for

Positive Parenting Courses


I am a Licensed Facilitator with the 

national charity Care for the Family.

I am passionate about family life;

I have been married for 35 years and have five children.

Nurturing children has been the most awesome and 

one of the best experiences of my life.

Helping my children discover who they are and

seeing them now flourish as adults is truly spectacular,

I am so proud of my children.

I know parenting can be like a roller-coaster ride of navigating the ups and downs, the twists and turns:

the joys, the fears, the unknowns,

the struggles, the hopes...

Positive Parenting Courses offer

support, encouragement and tools to help parents 

as they ride their roller-coaster journey.

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