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Relationship Coaching 

‘Unlock the heart of the mighty oak you can be’

Relationship Coaching

Coaching can help all sorts of relationships to grow and flourish as you have time to: 

understand yourself better,

understand one another better,

understand how you can fit together, work together, play together,

dream together, weave together, walk together,and release one another.

You will discover ways to communicate more effectively,

to understand your trigger points and pitfalls 

and to map pathways for your future.

You may just want more from the relationship because you care for one another and want the best. 

The relationship may be going through transition, change or difficulties; all relationships do that. 

Relationship coaching can be for couples, parents or a family.

In my experience many people and relationships can benefit from coaching;

here are three areas of where I have seen coaching have significant impact.

Coaching for Parents


Come as:


Mum and Dad:

Expectant parents preparing for a new arrival:

Parent and child of any combination...

Mum and young son,

Mum and teenage daughter,

Father and daughter.

Couples Coaching


Attend coaching as a couple.


You may have been....

Married for a short while;

Married for years;

Engaged and journeying towards marriage;

In a committed relationship and wanting more;

A short distance into a relationship and wanting to explore and establish some good foundations.

What to Expect

Whether as a couple or as parents, as a coach I will accompany you on your journey,

whatever that may look like and wherever it may take you.  

As your coach my role is to ask powerful questions, to listen and to empower

you through using a range of tools developed by the professional body CTI (Coach Training Institute).   


During our time together we’ll explore individuals dreams, passions, hopes, life purposes, 

values, gifts, strengths, weaknesses….

We can consider all the options and possibilities of what will best strengthen, unite and

help your relationship grow, flourish and thrive to it's best.

Being the creative, resourceful and whole people that you are, 

you are the ones who know the best way ahead and what choices to make. 

The coaching journey usually takes place over a period of several months;

sessions are generally once a fortnight for one hour.  They can be in person or by Skype.


Find out more...

Please get in touch with me, Alison Green, 

by using the contact form.

Tell me a little about yourselves and 

why you're considering coaching. 

We'll link up by email and arrange a free

one hour introductory trial session.

Thanks! Message sent.

Investing in ourselves can seem selfish, however it can be viewed in a different way:
What if it is seen as a wise gift to give to ourselves, our families, our friends and the world in which we live in?
So, why not invest in yourself by entering into a journey of coaching?

Costs: my heart is to make coaching accessible to anyone who wishes to enter into such a journey; 

I have a recommended fee, however costs are negotiable.

'Doing couple coaching with Alison has impacted 

our relationship SO much.   

We have learnt to listen to each other, to open our hearts,

share the good and the bad, and especially communicate

with honesty.  Alison helped us so much in this journey, 

she gave us the space we needed and showed us new paths, 

giving us the choice to take the one that suited us better 

and did not judge us at all.  

She gave us the space to dream together, laugh and cry, find out about our individual values and our couple values and purpose.

We would highly recommend her to any couple who

would like to go deep down, love each other better,

find space to share what is hard to share.  

You don't have to be in a tough season as a couple, we weren't

and we explored so many things.'  -   B & M

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