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Mentoring for an Individual

‘Unlock the heart of the mighty oak you can be’

A mentor is someone who journeys alongside you as you walk along your pathway of life.

The mentor has walked a similar path, having been there before you they are able to

help, support, guide and speak into your life from a place of experience and wisdom.

They know some of the highlights, shortcuts or pitfalls.


Perhaps your pathway of life seems:

uncertain, confusing and foggy;

or hard, rocky and up hill;

or you're in the valley between the mountain peaks;

or you're trying to navigate your way through an intersection:

a plethora of pathways, where ahead of you are many options and choices;

or you're crossing a threshold of change.

As you walk along the pathway of life it can be helpful to have someone who is an on-looker,

someone who is watching and listening from a different place, position and perspective.  

What to Expect

As a mentor I will be with you on your journey, whatever that may look like and wherever it may take you.

We'll have conversations about your life; I will listen to you, ask powerful questions and encourage you.  

I can help you to:

discern how to be in this space, how to navigate it,

what pace, rhythm and direction to take,

how to wait on God, what He might be saying to you. 

You can share your dreams, desires and hopes; 

as well as your concerns, worries, doubts and fears.

We can consider the options and possibilities.

Being the creative, resourceful and whole person

that you are, you are the one who knows

the best way ahead and what choices to make. 

The mentoring journey usually takes place over a period

of several months; sessions are generally for one hour, fortnightly or monthly depending upon your need. 

They can be in person or by Skype or telephone.

Find out more...

Please get in touch with me, Alison Green, 

by using the contact form.

Tell me a little about yourself and 

why you're considering mentoring. 

We'll link up by email and arrange a free

one hour introductory trial session.

Thanks! Message sent.

Investing in ourselves can seem selfish, however it can be viewed in a different way:
What if it is seen as a wise gift to give to ourselves, our families, our friends and the world in which we live in?
So, why not invest in yourself by entering into a journey of mentoring?
Costs: my heart is to make mentoring accessible to 
anyone who wishes to enter into such a journey; 

I have a recommended fee, however costs are negotiable.

'You have accompanied me on my journey for a while now.

I have found your ability to listen, draw connections creatively, provide word pictures and give space for me to say

'yes' or 'not quite' as I work through and process my thoughts, desires and dreams to be invaluable.

You communicate love and acceptance without limit.

Thank you for your input into my life.'  


'Ali has been a trustworthy companion walking beside me on my journey through the woods.

She has let me lead and has gone at my pace and has been sensitive to how I am in the different terrains.  

At times there have been many possible paths, and when I have wanted direction Ali has not given it but has helped me work

out for myself what is right.  At times she has helped me to clear some of the rubbish that was blocking the path or to off-load

some of the heavy load I carried at the start of the journey.  Ali has encouraged me to keep going, when the journey was hard,

and has not judged me when the journey got messy.  She has encouraged me to take what I knew was the right path when I was fearful of stepping forward, but has not been afraid to challenge me to stop and rethink when I has heading into danger.  Without Ali I would still be stuck at the start of the journey, feeling unable to start - looking back I have come a long way.  

Thank you for your patience and grace with me.'  -  Laura

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